CCTV Camera RF Modulator

350.111 (Adjustable 21 - 69) (Audio Input Only In UK)9V DC Input With Video & Audio SCART Or (RCA) Phono Inputs And Power Supply.

£19.95 + VAT
£23.94 INCL VAT


  • Channels 21 - 69 output
  • 2 seven segment LED channel display
  • Channel adjustable with UP/DOWN keys
  • Mains adaptor and coaxial flylead (plug - socket) are supplied
  • SCART out loop through for connection to VCR

Power supply 12Vdc 250mA
Input connectors SCART, RCA and Coaxial
Output connectors SCART and Coaxial
Dimensions 122 x 31 x 83mm
Weight 148g