WAP-5 Waistband Amplifier

£41.63 + VAT
£49.95 INCL VAT

6 X AA Rechargeable Batteries

£7.49 + VAT
£9.95 INCL VAT

WAP-5 Portable Amplifier

"WAP-5" Waistband amplifier (electret microphone), consisting of 1 headband microphone, 1 active speaker, 1 plug-in charger, supplied without batteries/rechargeable batteries.


  • Electret headband microphone with high sensitivity
  • Especially suitable for general mobile speech applications, e.g. lectures and training sessions, aerobics, sales events, etc.
  • With adjustable carrying belt
  • 7W amplifier with volume control
  • Additional line input (3.5mm jack) for external audio sources, e.g. MP3 player 
  • Battery operation/rechargeable battery operation, charging of the rechargeable batteries via the supplied plug-in charger, removal of the batteries not required
  • Operating time with fully charged batteries: approx. 6-8 hours
  • Power supply: 9V DC current  (6 x AA size)
  • Supplied without batteries